The mission of Apostolic Assembly of the Firstborn Church of Jesus Christ is to labor in this ministry of reconciliation by preaching, pills sharing and teaching the plan of salvation in order to win lost souls to Jesus Christ. We endeavor to minister truth, visit web love, stuff hope and comfort to the masses through the gospel of Jesus Christ, while encouraging saints to continue steadfastly in the Apostles’ doctrine.


  • To preach and witness¬†the gospel of Jesus Christ by pointing the lost to the way of life by publishing at home and abroad the true plan of salvation, exhorting believers to repent, be baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ, and be filled with the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:38).
  • To provide assistance for and care of the community whenever possible and necessary.
  • To encourage the saints to be steadfast, and live holy and righteous lives in the sight of all men, that they may see our good works and glorify our Father which is in heaven; and to prepare them for the day of the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • To unite people of like precious faith in the bonds of brotherly love and fellowship (Hebrews 13:1).
  • To fellowship together to truly worship God in spirit and in truth, and to receive spiritual teaching (John 4:24; Ephesians 4:11-15).